• Brochures: Tell your story in a clear and engaging fashion, highlighting the good work, talented people and connections in the field that makes your organization a true leader. In addition to a brochure looking at your overall company or agency, individual pieces focusing on particular services or departments help clients and customers understand the value your services provide.
  • Newsletters: Think of these as ongoing conversations with clients as well as anyone seeking to learn more about your company and your field. New developments, interesting projects, ways you helped clients solve problems – it all provides a way to show the dynamic aspects of your organization. The impact of the articles, photographs, charts and other rich material developed for your printed newsletters is heightened when it is also shared on your website and via various social media outlets.
  • Press materials: When your organization has special events that are covered by the media, it is important to give reporters and video crews background material to ensure the proper message is delivered. Distributing easy-to-read and repeat “cheat sheets’’ with bullet points of information about the project at hand and your company in general is the best way to guarantee the most effective coverage. In some cases, especially with TV news, a station may even broadcast your bullet points verbatim.


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