• Website: The website is where we let the world know the answer to “Why your company?’’ A home page featuring ever-changing pictures, articles and small video clips highlighting the great work your people are doing is one of the best ways to attract new clients and create buzz about your firm. All content created for the print offerings will be presented on the website, but repackaged to maximize the digital media experience. Hyperlinks within stories will take readers to related articles or to pages within your site showcasing specific departments or services. These pages will also be continually updated to reflect the latest projects and developments.

  • Email newsletters: Clients and others wanting to keep abreast of the latest developments within your company    will be able to sign up for your digital newsletter, featuring select stories and pictures, as well as important product and   service information. Key services will have their own e-newsletters. Clients will also be able to sign up for e-alerts to let them know when new material is posted.

  • Social media: In addition to your organization’s Facebook page, which will in many ways mirror the ever-changing content of the website, we will use social media such as Twitter to drive interest to your website. With each new story, tweets will go out with a link back to the website. At the bottom of all staff emails will be a line inviting the public to follow your company on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Eyes on the page: All online efforts will be designed with keyword marketing strategies in mind, ensuring your material reaches your target audience.


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